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Emerald Lock Security Group is proud of our partnership with RT Martial Arts, headquartered in Vero Beach, Florida.

Check out their websites for more information on: 

  • Kids BJJ

  • Adult BJJ

  • Fitness Class

  • Muay Thai

  • MMA

  • Private Training

  • Summer Camps

Our Partnership

We partnered up with RT Martial Arts during our Integrated Safety Skills Course (ISSC) Level I on 5 June. The class was hosted in Vero Beach HQ, RT Martial Arts Academy in Indian River Mall.

Master Tavares shares with us decades of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu knowledge and how it can be used in terms of self-defense, personal wellbeing, and in emergency situations.

RT Martial Arts Academy is also the location of our Virtual Weapons Simulator range. Appointments can be made through here

Image by Lucas Sankey

Listen to some of the testimonials from our ISSC Lv I course

Find out more or visit our location 

6200 20th Street, Suite 880,
Vero Beach, Florida 32966


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